Two Problems, One Solution

Siklus aims to create a sustainable retail system that reduces plastic waste.
Plastic Pollution

​​Indonesia is the world’s second largest ocean plastic polluter. One truckload of plastic is dumped every 20 seconds into the country's oceans! The most common items found on Indonesian beaches are unrecyclable plastic sachets and pouches. They are used once, and end up in our oceans, rivers, lakes and landfills - leading to floods, children getting sick from fumes of burnt plastic, and sea animals dying from eating it.

The Cost of Plastic

About 15% of products’ prices stem from the costs of plastic packaging. When your everyday goods are sold in smaller quantities, the cost of packaging adds up to more money spent when buying the product, and this is what is called poverty tax.

Our Solution

Siklus offers a unique twist to an age old solution! We offer an alternative to your everyday sachets with refill stations that come to your doorstep. Now, you can buy your favorite household product in any quantity, without plastic packaging waste and for a lower price! Siklus' solution eliminates the cost of plastic and reduces single use plastic pollution! Everybody wins!

Our Story

In June 2020, when we started, we were running from a shack, with a team of two interns and operating only one Gerobak. We were a small team, but we had a big dream: to reinvent the way retail is done. 

We would speak to our customers on a daily basis and always hear their stories of triumph and of struggles. We would listen to how they were fighting to make ends meet, while juggling household chores and work - all in the midst of the pandemic. They were living in places that were filled with plastic waste, having their kids play next to toxic fumes from burning plastic and facing moments where their houses were under water due to floods. 

This is why we care. This is why we want to make a change. Together with you, one refill at a time!

Our Mission & Vision
Learn more about our story and take part in our journey to create a better future for Indonesia.

Our mission is to reduce plastic waste and make everyday necessities more affordable.

Understand the Problem | Dubstech Protothon 2020
Understand the Problem | Dubstech Protothon 2020

Our vision is a sustainable and fair model of retail for all.

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